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New website

Your new website will be responsive on all devices, screen sizes, and will be fast, no matter what your internet speed is. Step by step, we will help you make decisions regarding you new website such as: the appearance, any functionalities you may need, etc.

Improve your website!

We will help you make decisions in regards to improve your website. Technologies are being updated every year and it totally makes sense that at some point you need to redo your website or make major changes on that. We are with you in this way.

Be always backed up!

On hosted services, Persisca provides you with daily, weekly and monthly backups. It will help you recover your website from mistakes while editing, attacks, unwanted updates, etc. The backups are available to restore them yourself or ask us to help.

Our 7-phase web designing process

We design your website in 7 major steps and keep you informed about the progress status. The 7-phase web designing process starts from analysis and ends with testing and deployment. Watch the video to see more details.

What is SEO and how does it work?

That’s not magic! Search Engine Optimization is very sensitive process which needs to be done by professionals. Search Engine Optimization can be done perfectly and bring your website to the first page of Google for what you look for. At the same time, if it’s not done right, it may cause issues for your website’s reputation.


A few projects of responsive web designing, function development and UI designing compatible with all devices.

What others say about us

“Persisca Network has designed a website for a bar of mine, I can add the event held there to the facebook page of bar and it goes automatically to the website, plus the photo gallery is synchronized and I don’t need to add photos to both facebook and site. I just add the to facebook. My website is integrated with facebook”.
“I have worked with Persisca regarding to 2 websites, a Mobile App, a CRM Program and annual maintenance services. I’m satisfied about the technique which is used in my products. The customer service and being always available are the effective features of this team”
“I have had the pleasure of working with Persisca Network up through the years. Persisca has always delivered the high standard needed and it is my pleasure to highly recommend the company. They are creative, loyal, effective, keeping deadlines and understanding the importance of customer services.”
“I’m working with Persisca Network about one personal website and one eShop. We are now designing the third websites. You will see that after it’s ready and not secret any more. Whenever you want to see a beautiful website just Google my name or check I do believe you’ll like the design.”
“We were working with Persisca Network since 2013 regarding several websites, related to our companies. We receive weekly support from Persisca directly and also from the staffs who are meeting us in person for multiple times in a week. Our websites are,,, etc.”
“I have a restaurant in Alanya, Persisca has designed my restaurant’s website, after they were done by the restaurant website, we ordered 1 site for our pub, 1 for investment company and 1 for furniture company we have. We are satisfied and want to work more with this team”

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